u p d a t e s

idk i just inserted this because it was pretty lol
c u r r e n t l y

uh currently eating food probably

s o c i a l

pic of me and the baes
a w a r d s

wait am i supposed to do botms or something?
that's too much work tbh

m u s i c

repeat "boots and cats" fast and you got your music

o t h e r

does anyone even read this??

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Get to Know Me: [2/5] Female Characters → Kate Bishop

"Who is Kate Bishop? In a word, trouble."

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Wet Holmes

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jaksonwhittemore asked: also when is YOUR birthday ?? I'll draw something for you in return :'D

mines on sept. 5th :> loveee youuu

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I am Groot.

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(okay, I’m really bad with timezones so I’ll just post this in advance just to be safe). HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LOVABLE, ADORABLE FRIEND, JULIE. Here’s a little sketch of Daniel Sharman just for you, I hope you have an amazing day~!!!

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We are Groot

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 alternate ending

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My college will play Cap 2 for one of the orientation nights yas

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gamora the most dangerous woman in the universe
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♪ end of the line.

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James McAvoy - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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The end credits play out over a beam of light traveling from Earth through various star systems and nebulae, ending at the shimmering towers of Asgard. But in the scene above we learn that Jane was the source of that skyward blast.

Thor deleted scene (x)

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