u p d a t e s

idk i just inserted this because it was pretty lol
c u r r e n t l y

uh currently eating food probably

s o c i a l

pic of me and the baes
a w a r d s

wait am i supposed to do botms or something?
that's too much work tbh

m u s i c

repeat "boots and cats" fast and you got your music

o t h e r

does anyone even read this??



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[apologetic tone] Sorry!

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Fraction meets MCU

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"There are a lot of motion capture camera moves and you are shooting with a phantom camera, which shoots in super slow motion – and the room is brighter than any sunny day. And there are these four guys keeping their eyes open and pretending to be frozen. And I’m just running around pretending to move them." - Evan Peters
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this gives me life

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best things to come out of the special features for s9 tbh
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breathingcoal asked: My confession is I dont actually have one and I only came here because I think your awesome.

awww thank you!!

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Anonymous asked: I think I got a girl to love me but she isn't my type and I'm so fucking pissed at myself for talking to her and making her feel comfortable around me. The fact is that if she does end up liking me I'm going to have to reject her and I know how bad that feels and I hate being the one to cause pain to others. This has been tearing me up all week.

if she does end up confessing to you, and if you really don’t feel an ounce of emotion for her then kindly and gently reject her. i know it’s gonna cause a lot of pain but its better than stalling it and leading her on which will probably cause even more pain. also maybe in the end, she’ll understand your feelings and maybe stay as a good friend. you seem like a considerate person, being really thoughtful of her feelings and all, so it would be nice to have things work out well for you and for her as well

anonymously send your confessions :>

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Anonymous asked: I stole 20 dollars from my grandmas purse and I still feel guilty every day

i hope you’re treating her extra well now

anonymously send your confessions :>

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